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anaROBIK: Bio


Appendix A. Architects and Engineers Specification
+ anaROBIK shall be the musical creative vehicle for ana. ana shall consist of ana and/or her collaborators, who shall also assume the name and spirit of ana.
+ anaROBIK shall create musical compositions consisting of catchy melodies and body-friendly rhythms. These compositions shall exhibit some characteristics of the musical style known as electronic popular music.
+ anaROBIK shall express the editorial insights of ana, which completely represent the views and opinions of ana.
+ The arrangements of ana’s compositions shall feature generous amounts of electronically generated sounds, as well as the occasional sound requiring the use of a microphone, otherwise known as an acoustic sound.
+ Womanual performances by ana as well as computer performances programmed by ana shall be used to create a rich and warm melding of woman and machine.
+ anaROBIK shall use high-quality analog and digital electronic devices to capture the performances of ana with optimal sonic clarity.
+ anaROBIK shall use balanced production techniques with minimal audio compression to maximize listener enjoyment.
+ The end-user shall assume the name and spirit of ana while enjoying this recording of anaROBIK.
+ This musical creative vehicle for ana shall be named anaROBIK.