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Operator's Manual Addendum: The Remixes - out now!

introducing our remix album, the companion CD to the album Operator's Manual. featuring 18 tracks, 77 minutes of ana-liciousness:

op man cover 600

1. communicate Aquazoo Project remix 8:39
2. is it real? The Hottest Year On Record is it 2 real? remix 4:49
3. my time Aquazoo Project remix 6:57
4. my company Venus DeMars flocked up feeling sexy remix 4:02
5. your heroine Aquazoo Project remix 6:17
6. outside Saudade remix 5:45
7. communicate David Sebrind electra remix 4:49
8. is it real? anaROBIK 7" single mix 3:08
9. darling, you can't love two 2:03
10. my time anaROBIK 7" single mix 3:50
11. communicate anaROBIK 78 remix 4:18
12. communicate Aquazoo Project remix radio edit 4:22
13. my time Aquazoo Project remix radio edit 3:44
14. your heroine Aquazoo Project remix radio edit 3:48
----- create your own remix! the never-ending remix contest! -----
(send us your remix, if we like it, we will release it as a digital single! this offer does not expire.)
15. is it real? a cappella 2:46
16. free a cappella 1:47
17. my time a cappella 2:28
18. communicate a cappella 3:18

anaROBIK - Operator's Manual Addendum: The Remixes CD

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Operator's Manual - Vinyl w/ remix CD

This is the 12" vinyl version of Operator's Manual.  Included with the vinyl is a complete copy of our remix CD, Operator's Manual Addendum: The Remixes!  Also included is a glamourous 11" x 24" poster of ana, a wearable MP3/AAC(itunes) digital download card, limited edition postcard, the Operator's Manual booklet and sticker!  (Bag of chips not included)


anaROBIK - Operator's Manual Vinyl with Remix CD

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Operator's Manual - out now!

introducing the debut album by anaROBIK, Operator's Manual.  this album contains 11 tracks followed by two remix radio edits.  please see purchasing options below.


a1. communicate 3:52
a2. is it real? 3:06
a3. outside 3:09
a4. free 1:56
a5. souvenir 4:25
a6. my company 3:30
b1. my time 4:33
b2. mary mary mary 2:52
b3. static 2:23
b4. your heroine 3:38
b5. medication 6:05
c1. communicate Aquazoo project remix edit 4:22
c2. my time Aquazoo project remix edit 3:45

anaROBIK - Operator's Manual CD

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anaROBIK - Operator's Manual Wearable Download Card (card only) - $7.00 USD (worldwide, free shipping). Download Access Code sent within 24hrs via e-mail, card sent via mail, everywhere, worldwide.  Includes white leather strap!  Looks great on backpacks, messenger bags, purses, luggage, etc...  Good Karma will follow you wherever you bring ana!

anaROBIK - Operator's Manual Download Card Fashion Pack. This package includes a download card with white leather strap, two exclusive buttons and the official Operator's Manual in a jewel case.  Everything looks better with anaROBIK!

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Also available at itunes, amazon, A Different Drum, cdbaby, napster, emusic, PopoNaut ... more to come ...

Retail: cheapo (Mpls / St. Paul / Blaine), Treehouse Records, The Electric Fetus ... more to come ...

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Our preferred listening experience is the traditional audio CD. Our audio CDs are professionally manufactured, they are NOT burned CD-Rs, they will play in any CD player. They are created from a DDP file format for no loss of audio information and are professionally mastered for optimal sound quality. They are available for purchase via Paypal here at our website.

Downloads can also be purchased at the usual locations such as itunes, amazon, napster, emusic, etc...

The Power of Three anaROBIK posters

Three posters of anaROBIK shipped in a luxurious 4" diameter poster tube for minimal curling.  Each poster is 11" x 24". $5 USA / $7 Canada / $11 Elsewhere.

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